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  1. From business models to packaging products, sustainability can take many different forms — and all of them will have a huge impact on ecommerce businesses in the coming years.

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  3. After effectively completing these assignments, you will have an approved business model that is based not on to suspicions any longer, however strong realities. You may likewise come to absolutely new insights that will drastically change your underlying

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  5. Every business starts small. So, be it today or somewhere in the past, every business went through the tough phases. We know that these challenges can be hard & there can be situations to make it or break it. The survivors sustain with these times & creat

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  7. With every passing year, the Indian ecommerce sellers are mastering the art of drawing shoppers to their stores. Whether you live in the North or the South, unless you have been meditating for years, you might have come across the word, Ecommerce! While t

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  9. Ecommerce is not a jargon anymore. In contrast to the old days of telling stories about how you sell online & if they purchase online, now the question is, “How often do you shop online?” People are now adaptable to the changing trends and getting ben

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  11. There is no shortage of business suggestions today. You can browse and you’ll find thousands of websites with innumerable business suggestions. But, to know which ideas work the best for you and which would not be tough. With above 1.92 billion online s

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  13. Digitalization further supports businesses to take the hot seat in the online market & be ready for the changes. The adaptation to these changes also creates challenges for businesses to survive in the market. Walking with technology is definitely one of

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  15. Usually, B2B businesses feel that their B2C peers are having a better life with simple product descriptions, standardized payment options, and fixed pricing, the B2C retailers apparently face fewer obstacles as compared to the B2B platforms. However, with

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  17. Count this idea as a boost to your business. However, this doesn’t sum up ecommerce. To scale your business, expand your network, and flourish sales, you will count on the platforms you can sell. You may like selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkar

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