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  1. The interactive store builder enables you to create your e-store without any technical knowledge. If you already have a physical store, a team to help you run your store, you can try your hands on building your digital presence. And, if you are starting t

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  3. Automation of ecommerce stores needs to be done with a planned strategy. If not done right, it can bring you losses more than the profits. Below are a few ways by which you can automate your ecommerce store the right way. When opting for automation of eco

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  5. We recommend you to count on the ecommerce platforms over the ecommerce website Builder. If you are looking for a full-functional ecommerce store builder for your startup, you must count on BUILDERFLY: all-in-one ecommerce solution.

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  7. With the advent of digitization, every business is going online.

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  9. People talk about shopping & show their interest in the products whenever they find it attractive or buyable. If your product and services satisfied the customer, they will likely spread positive words about your business, else negative. A single negative

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  11. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you will find that some of the customers who live in the vicinity come to your store now and then. Those customers may not purchase the products in bulk, or look for costly products only, but they purchase regularly.

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  13. The key to the success of an ecommerce business is offering quick & timely delivery of the orders to every customer. The geographic location, existing situations, and several other factors can hinder the process of order fulfillment, but that’s not the

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  15. It is no secret to any ecommerce owner that customer experience plays an extremely important role in selling online. Studies state that more than 86% of customers are ready to pay more money when they are served with a better experience. Customers love ge

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  17. Ecommerce is building a rapidly growing consumer base that is not slowing down by any chance. If you are already selling something and are as well planning to sell in the future, you will need to focus on building an ecommerce website or an ecommerce stor

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  19. The C2C business model enables the customer to sell the products to other customers. The customer who is selling across these sites can sell products and services; there is no restriction upon it. C2C is often referred to as the C2C ecommerce model, which

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  21. After the US and China, India is undoubtedly the third largest growing market. There is a great potential in this market and that is exactly why many ecommerce giants such as Amazon are setting up their base here.

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  23. In today’s era, gaining a web presence is a must for every business. It not only tells the tale of technological compatibility but also gives you exposure. Be it a trend, but in the long-term, it is helping businesses turning into a brand. The path to s

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